Tips for Adding a Spanish Touch to Your Garden

A classic garden can become boring very fast. The same tedious colors, plants, and layouts are overused and they can be dull to the eye. To make your garden more spectacular, you have to add exotic elements to it. Therefore, if you want to turn your boring old garden into a spectacular and exotic paradise, read the following lines to get some great tips for adding a Spanish touch to your garden.

Add plants that are typical in Spanish gardens

The plants that are typical in Spanish gardens love the sun. They usually thrive on little water, and they don’t need a lot of maintenance. Therefore, these types of plants are not only an ideal addition to the garden if you want to add a Spanish touch to it, but they are perfect because you don’t have to tend to them continuously. The best plants that you can use to add a Spanish touch to your garden are succulents, hibiscus, hypericum, lavender, passiflora, yucca, and plumbago.

Embellish the pathways

To give the pathways personality by adding a Spanish touch to them, embellish them by adding a line of river rocks alongside their length. Also, another thing that you can do to make the pathways an artistic part of your garden is to use the same tiles that have been used for the pathways to create borders around the flower beds.

Place unusual items in the garden

To make your garden an exotic paradise, you should add some unusual items to it. Therefore, go to a local antique store or salvage shop and buy as many items to put in the garden as you like. For example, you can put oversized vases, iron grates, or weird statues in the garden.

Go with bold paint colors for the outdoors

Another Spanish touch that you can add to your garden is to use bold paint colors for the outdoors. You can paint the interior of the fence in red, orange, or any other lively color that you like. You can add as many playful colored flowers as you like to the garden. Also, you can place brightly colored furniture in the backyard as well.

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