Tips for Building a Natural Swimming Pool

Whether you have a pension or a house with a big garden, you have probably dreamed at least once in your life of having your own swimming pool. Building a natural swimming pool may be quite difficult, but if you follow several steps, you can create a wonderful place where you can relax with your family and friends.

Zoning your pool

Before you start building a pool, it’s recommended to have a plan. You must plan everything, from the area where you have decided to build the pool to the type of robotic pool cleaner you need. Having a natural swimming pool can be one of the best options someone can take. Moreover, it’s not very difficult to integrate a natural pool into any environment, because it looks more like a natural lake. However, it isn’t recommended to build your pool near large trees such as broom, willow or poplar, because their roots can damage the waterproofing of the pool.

Natural pool filtration

When you start building a swimming pool, you need to reserve at least 50 % of your pool area for plants that will help you filter the water. You can plant shallow plants in a corner or around the pool’s sides. This way, you won’t need to buy expensive pumps of filters and they will eliminate the need for chlorine. You can separate the plants area from the swimming pool’s surface through a fine mesh which
will allow water to be filtered by the plants. The bacteria collected on plant’s roots naturally acts as a filter which cleans the pool. Moreover, you can use some PVC tubes which can channel the water from the pumps into the plant zone. If you are thinking about building a natural swimming pool, you should know that underwater aeration requires diffusing air at the pool’s bottom. This way, water will circulate more effectively and it will use less energy than constructed waterfalls.

The robotic pool cleaner

Whether or not you have a natural swimming pool, buying a robotic pool cleaner is one of the most important options you need to consider. The robotic pool cleaner is an automated solution which helps you maintain both natural and bio pools. If you don’t know which pool cleaner to choose, analyze the website to compare your options and see which is the best value automatic pool cleaner. Look for robot cleaners with innovative features that will scrub the whole surface of the pool and leave the pool water crystal clear. Most of these units can scrub and brush the pool walls and floor efficiently removing algae and bacteria.

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